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A gaming console is an important investment for your kids or your family therefore it is wise to purchase a top-quality gaming console. The Nintendo Switch is an excellent gaming console, to say the least.  It provides all of the best features when it comes to gaming. The Nintendo Switch is a successor of Wii U also designed by Nintendo, and it was aimed to be used by a wider range of video game players and demographics. In its design as an eighth-gen gaming console, Nintendo Switch rivals Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsofts’ Xbox One.  If you are searching for a gaming system that you can play however you want and wherever you want, the Nintendo Switch should be among your top choices to consider. Part of the inspiration for the design of this console was from players’ feedback using the Nintendo Wii Remote.

The Nintendo Switch was developed by Nintendo and first released in 2017 with the codename NX. The concept of the Nintendo Switch was born due to the growing demand for mobile gaming systems. Like modern-day handheld-style gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch via an  Internet connection or local wireless connection fully supports online gaming with other users. The Switch system was made to be switched between two modes. It can be used at home, docked, and it can connect to a grip accessory to function in a gamepad form. Another way it was designed to be used is as a portable handheld device. What makes this possible is that it has a standard wireless button with directional analogue sticks attached to both sides of the console called Joy-Con. A ton of Nintendo Switch games can be purchased as physical cartridges or from Nintendo eShop online as a digital copy. Check Our Products



A new Nintendo Switch console box Includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock, left and right Joy‑Con controllers, HDMI cable, and charger Adapter. Typically, it has a battery life of 3-9 hours on average depending on usage. A new Nintendo Switch console weighs 297g which is a bit heavy and has a screen size of 6.2″ with a 1280×720 touch screen resolution. Its Joy-Con controllers are high quality, beautiful, and a bit expensive to replace. The Joy-Con controllers come either as split up for two persons or one controller. When actively using the console as a handheld gaming device, its Joy-Con is slotted at both ends and they are magnetically held together. Slotting in or taking out the Joy-Con controller from the Nintendo Switch is relatively easy, as it is intuitive enough with the detach button. The Joy-Con controllers have a beautiful style from their thumbstick to button style configured as X, A, B, Y. One notable amazing feature is the built-in 32 GB memory space where you can store up files and screenshots of gameplay instantaneously. The Nintendo Switch has a power button, volume button, game card port, headphone port, HDMI port, and a USB Type-C charging port at the bottom. It supports microSDXC cards, microSDHC cards, and micro SD cards. The tabletop kickstand allows users to use the console in a stand-up mode without falling or tilting.

When it comes to configuring the console, it is relatively easy. The Joy-Cons connect effortlessly and wirelessly, pairing up automatically. Outputting video via HDMI to a monitor happens automatically. All one needs to do is insert the console to the kickstand dock and plug in the cables. Although it may feel large to hold, the Nintendo Switch feels comfortable in the hands.


Joining the trend of online gameplay with paid monthly or yearly subscriptions via  Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo now also competes with Sony and Microsoft. The price range for subscriptions is between $3.99 to $19.99 for monthly and yearly subscriptions respectively. Nintendo offers some classic games online for multiplayer mode such as Tetris for free. Its online service feature allows users to save their games in the cloud.  While this allows one to save up local storage space, not every game works with this feature. Although online gamers over time prefer the likes of Discord, Nintendo Switch online offers a voice chat feature.


The Nintendo Switch add-ons are one thing to consider. Add-Ons range from controllers to cartridges.  The consumer should consider the cost of ad-ons if intending to keep the system long term.

For some, it is logical to consider the Nintendo Switch as an investment. Considering the hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch, the price is worth it. The current price is around $300-$400 depending on additional Add-Ons.  For many who already have a dedicated gaming system, the Nintendo switch makes an excellent additional option.

Some users have described issues with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. It has been mentioned that the Joy-Con controllers can wear out more quickly compared to Xbox or PlayStation controllers. After months of active users with the controller, some may start experiencing control drift.  There are several possible options for those who wish to replace the controllers or repair them.


A slight variation of the Nintendo Switch is a handheld-only version called the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was first released on September 20, 2019.  The Nintendo Switch Light is a version of the Nintendo Switch that is only a handheld device, therefore it can not be used as a hybrid mobile gaming console. Also, the controllers can’t be removed and there’s also a limit to which games can be played on the Switch Lite device. If you’re looking into getting a device to purchase so you enjoy it with your friends and family, then it is recommended that you get the Nintendo Switch. For those wanting to get a mobile gaming console specifically for mobile gaming or possibly for young children, the Switch Lite may be the best choice.



  • Excellent games available
  • Excellent quality
  • Impressive design
  • Multiple configurations of the Joy-Con


  • Short battery life
  • Constant online service
  • Can’t copy, transfer or save files
  • The console can tilt if the kickstand not locked

Some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games available for the console include such titles as, “Super Smash Bros Ultimate”, “Pokémon Sword and Shield”, ” The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”,  “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”, “Super Mario Odyssey”,  and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”.

It is important to note that to enjoy the games with friends, one should consider getting an extra controller or two. Getting a wireless controller is highly recommended and provides more freedom of movement.

Compared to the Sony and Microsoft handheld gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch from its bootup screen to its amazing visuals brings a new synergy to mobile gaming.  The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console and the affordable price makes it an excellent investment.





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